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You are invited to be part of this historical event evening!
Be there! Be part of this New Digital Revolution!

1 Launching of Asia’s First Digital Art Gallery
2 Launching of Malaysia’s First Digital Art Award

7th July 2007

7pm sharp!

Galleriiizu Digital Art Gallery
Ground Floor, Central Market Annexe
Jalan Hang Kasturi
Kuala Lumpur


Dear Friends of Arts,

As you are aware our program has been  announced by our Minister of Culture, Art & Heritage, Dato’ Dr Rais Yatim last Saturday, 28th June at the launching of Kuala Lumpur Art Festival at Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur, we would like to call upon you to participate in our Digital Art Program 2007.

What is our Digital Art Program?

An Overview

Our Digital Art Program 2007 is an annual non-profit nationwide digital art exhibitions series. We planned to kick start this event in Kuala Lumpur, hence the materials will be collected along the way as we travel through out the universities, states galleries and museums namely, to Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, Kuantan, Kucing and Kota Kinabalu.

As we gathered all the materials, the main Grand Finale of the event will take place in Kuala Lumpur in 2008 which will be celebrated and called Malaysia’s First Digital Art Festival 2008. After which, all this artworks will be documented and archived as Malaysia‘s First Digital Art Collections.

Since this is going to be an Historical event, therefore we need you! We need your support, contribution and participation! An event partner to foster, encourage and to establish a new force and a digital revolution to be reckon with!

What is 777X?

1            07.07.07 marks the launching day of Galleriiizu’s new Digital Art Gallery
at Central Market Annexe.This is the first 100% dedicated Digital Art Gallery in Asia.

2            07.07.07 is also celebrating the launch of 7 Bintang Digital Art Award.
The first of its kind in Malaysia.

3            777 is the date to commemorate the birth of a new era.

The New Digital Genre Revolution!

This exhibition will showcase an inspirational and aspirational works from Malaysia, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Japan.


What is Digital Art?

Digital Art includes all works which are created on, influenced by, or manipulated through the use of computers. Today art scenes in Europe and America have started to promote Digital Art as a new and unique potential for the arts, as a new language, a new aesthetic. After almost 50 years of existence, only recently Digital Art has begun to gain acceptance by mainstream art and museum culture, and to form the subject of investigations by art historians and critics.

Even in Malaysia the potential of young artists experimenting with new forms of media, trying to shape a Malaysian Digital Art identity, is enormous. All these young Malaysian artists need publicity; they need help in order to explore the possibilities and to position themselves as competent and creative competitors to their European and American counterparts.


Why do we need a Digital Art Gallery in Malaysia?

We need to create and establish a Malaysian Digital Art community in order to share the development and progress of Malaysian art with the masses. We need to mark the achievements of outstanding individuals in order to motivate our young artists to excel.

By recognizing the contribution of artists in various areas of Digital Art we can put outstanding young talents right in the spotlight of public awareness. By introducing and establishing this Digital Art Gallery we can unveil the progress of Malaysian art!

Galleriiizu tries to boost the potential and diversity of Malaysian Digital Art, to sanities the public image of Digital Art and to enhance the international perception of Malaysian art. Galleriiizu wants to put Malaysia on the world’s artistic map! Galleriiizu intends to create an historical and unforgettable event!

What’s the programme?

Official starting time of the ceremony: 7 pm

Short Introduction of Digital Art in general
Short Foreword Notes from Malaysian Art Council Member (KeKKWA)

1            Official Launch of a “777X” Digital Art exhibition
            with stars from Malaysia, Italy, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand!

2            Official Launch of “7 Bintang Digital Art Award”
              Call for entry!  An Digital Art Award Programme
3            Digital Arty Party

We are targeting about 1,000 physical audiences to turn up at the launching ceremony and subsequently will draw up to 10,000 audiences nationwide. Not forgetting that we are also reaching millions by the coverage of a media’s. We are also archiving this whole program into a video format for documentations and archiving purposes.


What is the main idea behind this exercise?

1)            Well, the basic idea is very simple. As you are aware this Digital Art Gallery is going to be the first truly dedicated 100% Digital Art Gallery in Asia. There are plenty in America and Europe but not in Asia. The main idea is to regroup the digital art community here in Malaysia and to build a digital art centre as a resource centre, where artists can exhibit and sell their digital work and where art lovers can enjoy, commission or hire Malaysian digital art. As to further promote their talents, we will bring their artwork closer to the public nationwide.

2)            7 Bintang Digital Art Award has been conceptualised to collect information about the true potential of Malaysia’s digital art community as well as to reward the excellence of outstanding individuals. We are inviting Mr. Lawrence Gartel (a World’s Famous Digital Father from USA) as an Honourable Jury for the Award. Under this programe, all participants will be featured in a specially designed Malaysian Digital Art directory book. The award programe also tries to encourage Malaysian artists to participate in the ADAA (Asian Digital Art Award) which was founded in 2001 in Fukuoka, Japan.

3)            If we don’t start now, then when?

I hope the above synopsis has stimulated your interest! So let’s all unite all together and move forward as Malaysia is going global! Let’s show them that we have progressed and that we have the finest and the best supporters and talents in digital arena! Can we count you in? We need all the support, helps, contributions, suggestions or whatever you could extend!

Come and joint us and be part of this historical event!

Thank You.


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